Lesbians: women who love other women

Lesbians: women who love other women

Lesbians: women who love other women Female homosexuality has existed since ancient times. Lesbians is how women are called who feel sexually, emotionally and romantically attracted to other women. Currently there are many doubts about this sexual orientation.

How do I know if I am a lesbian?

You know you are a lesbian when you feel attracted solely to women and you have been attracted to women for a long time.

Lesbian or bisexual?

To be a lesbian is to feel attraction only for women, if you feel attraction for men you are bisexual. For many women it is difficult to know if they are lesbians or bisexuals, but over time you discover that you are attracted and that you prefer.

When do I tell my parents that I am a lesbian?

Telling your parents that you are a lesbian is a very important step. If you are not ready to say it yet, do not do it. Everyone knows how their family is and how they can react in such a situation.

How do I know if my best friend is a lesbian?

The best way to know if your friend is a lesbian is for her to tell you. However, there are attitudes that will make you doubt your sexual orientation. He has no interest in men or looks more like girls.

My daughter is a lesbian, what should I do?

The most important thing is to support it. The family is the place where you will find the main support to face the world as a lesbian woman

Stages of lesbianism

I am a woman and I like a married woman. Sometimes the feeling of attraction for someone can not be controlled despite the sentimental situation of the other person, but we can be responsible for our actions. Trying something with a married woman can have serious consequences. My best friend is a lesbian. Having a lesbian friend is no reason to be alarmed, she is your friend and that nothing will change. I like my best friend. It is very common for some lesbians to feel attracted to their best friend. If your friend does not love you as a girlfriend and that hurts you, it’s better to get away for a while until you get over the relationship.

Lesbians: women who love other women

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